What We Do

Let’s start with “A-Purpose-In-Mind” Approach.

Once we meet and have crystal clear clarity on the results you are seeking then the planning begins. This allows Shorts and Associates to build a tailored plan designed specifically for you.

Whether you’re a pre-retiree or currently in retirement, we will begin with “A-Purpose-In-Mind” approach. Think of it like this, an engineer can’t start designing a building without knowing what the end result of the project is supposed to look like; a surgeon can’t go into surgery without knowing what the outcome of the surgery is supposed to be. This same results oriented approach also applies to the areas of helping you manage your personal finances, your estate planning, tax planning and retirement income planning.

For example, if you asked a normal everyday pre-retiree on the street why they are saving money, most would answer “for retirement.” However, if you then said, “that’s great, can you tell me how much annual income you’ll get from your efforts today when you retire” Hardly anyone would have a good answer.

The problem is they are saving the money without understanding how retirement income really works economically, and the importance of how they allocate their savings in pre-retirement. As part of our process, we provide pre-retirees the opportunity to understand exactly how retirement income works; plus, discuss how the future of taxation will affect their financial well-being and make that the basis for the efficient allocation of their savings for retirement.
Starting with “a-purpose-in-mind” approach is imperative and most people haven’t had the opportunity because the retirement planning industry is focused on selling products instead of analyzing process. The advisory community is not looking at the optimal end result and then reverse engineering the “how” to get there. Because the industry has worked with a lack of client results in mind, this has led to new and progressive legislation demanding advisors live up to their fiduciary duty. A promise we’ve always made and lived up to in our practice.

Perhaps the best news of all is simply it’s rarely ever too late to improve your financial position. Retirees have the same opportunity to achieve more by re-examining their long term purpose and analyzing the efficiency of their current plans to achieve optimal retirement income.

Our tailored solutions will help you manage risk, taxation and meet your income desires. Plans we offer will help you achieve:

  • A reduced amount of money owed to the IRS in retirement.
  • A risk management plan to combat the economic fallout from the 3 dates that changed the face and future of the American Retirement System for … Forever.
  • Protect you and your family from the Banker’s best math trick and how to stop it from costing you wealth and significant loss of value to your retirement assets.
  • Protecting IRA and 401K assets from long term care.
  • Creating MONEY! That’s what we do – all of our plans are designed to give you MORE!

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