Shorts and Associates recommends these resources, including “Danger Zone: 18 Risks That Can Derail Retirement” which was written by Shorts and Associates. We provide a free download series of all sections of our book below the image gallery. Details of each book appear below the gallery.

Getting Down the Mountain: How to Preserve Your Wealth From an Avalanche of Taxes and Other Threats 

by Joseph M. Yocavitch



Don’t Be Debt Free And Broke:

The Truth Behind How Banks Make Money and Why They Teach Us the Opposite Technique

by Matthew Love




The And Asset: The Secret Way to Save and Use Your Money at the Same Time

by Caleb Guilliams




The Power of Zero:
How to Get to the 0% Tax Bracket
and Transform Your Retirement

by David McKnight

The Power of Zero Official Web Site

Confessions of a CPA:

Why What I Was Taught To Be True Has Turned Out Not To Be (2011)

by Bryan S. Bloom



Confessions of a CPA:

The Truth About Life Insurance (2013)

by Bryan S. Bloom

Danger Zone: Free Download

Use the links here to download your free copy of Shorts and Associates’ Danger Zone: 18 Risks That Can Derail Retirement.

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