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At Shorts and Associates, we believe in challenging the status quo with regard to traditional wealth accumulation strategies and, most important, wealth distribution strategies.  We believe they simply do not work.

At Shorts and Associates, we believe in challenging this current administration’s right to confiscate your wealth and tax everything successfully that you do.

At Shorts and Associates, we believe in creating for our clients proven wealth distribution strategies where at retirement the distributions are classified as cash flow and not income as defined by the tax code and are, therefore, exempt from taxes.

How we do this is by using the tax code itself.  It is over 100 years old.

How we do this is by using a strategy specifically designed to generate cash flow at retirement where the cash flow is deemed cash flow, and not income as defined by the tax code and is, therefore, off the radar screen of the IRS for income tax purposes.

Our Team

Joyce Shorts | jshorts@shortsandassociates.com

Joyce Shorts is a retired high school teacher after 25 years of service and holds a Bachelors Degree in Education from Penn State University. It was not until she became a client that she even considered being a part of the financial services industry.., she became a client first! She entered the insurance field in 1984 on a part-time basis with aspirations of promoting financial security for other educators. Her zest and commitment to this end is clearly expressed in Life Insurance Selling Magazine, where she contends “Loss of income is a serious threat to family and individual security. It can and should be protected.”

Eventually Joyce began to witness the fruit of her labor and the benefits that her clients were experiencing. Clients have continued to call and write to share how their lives have been transformed by this new way of thinking about money. As the Joyce Shorts Agency continued to grow, in 1993 she became a full-time agent and recruited her youngest son, Troy Shorts, who champions her vision. Together she and Troy work side by side educating their clients about financial strategies to build wealth beyond their expectations. Their combined efforts, performance, and positive outcomes continue to lead them to new levels of world-class service.

In 1999, their partnership became Joyce Shorts and Troy Shorts, Associates. As a result, they are now successfully teaching their clients financial strategies to maximize their wealth potential. Their clients are individuals, families, retirees and small businesses.

Troy Shorts | tshorts@shortsandassociates.com

Troy Shorts is a graduate of Penn State University where he received his Bachelors Degree in Communications. Troy entered the financial services field in 1993. Troy’s background in communications coupled with his eagerness and determination to bring financial freedom to clients is a major asset to the team.

His commitment to being the best in the financial field is evidenced through his continual quest for knowledge. He participates in study groups held around the country, which are comprised of the industry’s top financial professionals. The thrust of the study groups is to stay abreast of industry trends and to utilize strategies for delivering top notch products and services.

Troy, his wife Angel and their three children live in Woodbury, New Jersey. Troy enjoys motivational and instructional reading and takes advantage of his love for fishing every time the opportunity presents itself. His passion is “teaching” his clients about the real world of money and the strategies for increasing their wealth. Troy is a true “coach” at heart. His clients warmly refer to him as their “money coach” because he is so effective at teaching them to control and maximize all aspects of their financial lives.

Charles “Butch” Johnson | cjohnson@shortsandassociates.com

Butch Johnson possesses a BA degree in mathematics from Western Maryland College and a MST degree in mathematics education from the University of New Hampshire. He retired from teaching computer science and mathematics after over 32 years. He taught at the high school level at both Eastern and Haddon Township high schools and also at St. Joseph’s University.

Butch was initially introduced to Joyce and Troy by his wife and they both became clients. Together they began to embrace the value of the progressive concepts inherent in financial engineering, as presented by Joyce and Troy. Butch, being a “real numbers guy” uses his mathematical expertise in his financial decision making. For this reason, he is highly respected by his friends and colleagues who would come to him occasionally for financial advice.

The combination of understanding of “how money really works”, his math background and the respect of his colleagues led him to a natural and perfect move into a new career in the financial world. Thus after retirement in 2003, he joined the team with Joyce and Troy Shorts Associates. Now he is in a position to optimize the lives of others and help them realize their dreams.

He is a proud family man who lives in a new community in Clarksboro, New Jersey with his wife, Kelly, who retired from the Haddon Heights school system in 2010.

Brian S. Dozier | bdozier@shortsandassociates.com

Brian S. Dozier joined Shorts and Associates in September 2008. He is a committed professional who is skilled in identifying financial inefficiencies of individuals, families, and business owners. His philosophy of teaching clients how to strategize for a more efficient financial plan makes him a perfect fit with the philosophy shared by the Shorts and Associates firm.

Brian became a financial services expert in 1992. He received his Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing from Penn State University and completed MBA course work with a concentration in finance thereafter. Brian was fortunate to earn an academic/athletic scholarship to play football and as such is a member of the Penn State Football Lettermen’s Club.

Brian’s capacity to advise clients on creating, accelerating and preserving wealth beyond expectation is directly connected with his ability to educate himself on industry essentials. With that said, Brian devotes a significant amount of his time to industry training’s and certifications enabling him to be the best coach for clients.

Brian, his wife Carolyn and their two children live in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. He holds dear his time with family and opportunities to gather with friends. He has a passion for effecting change among youth and takes part in community organizations which focus on programs for young citizens.

Joanne P. Johnson | jjohnson@shortsandassociates.com

Joanne Johnson joined Shorts & Associates in September 2008 while working full-time as a teacher. In June 2012, she retired from being a teacher (after 35 years) and Math Department Chairperson at Haddon Heights High School. Joanne (pronounced like “Joan”) spent 31 years in Haddon Heights with a year each teaching in Florida, Georgia, Colorado, and Germany while her husband was in the military. Graduating with a B.S. degree in Math Education from Florida State University, Joanne went on to earn her M.A. in Educational Administration at Glassboro (now Rowan) University. In addition to teaching in high school and middle school, she was an adjunct professor for ten summers at Rutgers University, Camden.

Having done part-time work as a bookkeeper and inventory specialist in addition to her educational experiences, Joanne brings her mathematical and computer programming skills into the business as she helps educators and others better plan their financial lives. Joanne embraced the financial strategies of Shorts & Associates when she became a client of Joyce Shorts in the mid 90’s. She is very pleased to now be a part of the team who help so many people become more skilled at managing and protecting their money.

Joanne enjoys reading, traveling with her husband, and spending time with grandchildren! Joanne is quite excited about her retirement and career change. She is already working with clients to help them plan and gain more financial stability and growth.

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